Tashkent time (GMT+5):
Information on the weighted average level of prices for fruits and vegetables as of 04.10.2016
  • 1 USD = 8146.38 sum
  • 1 EUR = 9965.47 sum
  • 1 RUB = 143.97 sum
  • 1 CNY = 1268.91 sum
  • 1 JPY = 73.65 sum
  • 1 GBP = 11199.64 sum
  • 1 KRW = 7.68 sum

About International Fruit and Vegetable Fair

21.06.2016 12-16 of July 2016 at the National Exhibition Complex "Uzexpocentre" in Tashkent will be held "1st International Fruit and Vegetable Fair".
The fair will be attended by representatives of foreign processing and trading companies, international trade organizations, Chamber of Commerce, ministries and departments of agriculture sector, logistic companies from around 40 foreign countries, as well as domestic producers and processors of fruit and vegetable productions, etc.
The organizers of the fair are the "Uzbekozikovkatholding" HC, "Uzagroexport" JSC and "Directorate of International fruit and vegetable fair" LLC together with "Uzbekvinosanoat-holding" HC and the Association "Uzbekozikovkatzahira".
The main purpose of organizing and holding the fair is to raise awareness among foreign processing and trading companies of the enormous, unique for their consumer properties, potential produced in Uzbekistan environmentally friendly fresh vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons, as well as finished product quality of their industrial processing.
The main purpose of the fair:
Formation of an effective, of clear, responsible to modern international standards and requirements of the market mechanism of promotion to foreign markets of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products;
Creation of favorable conditions and assistance in finding partners and the conclusion of contracts between them for the supply of fruits and vegetables, formation of a system of stable long-term cooperative relations between the producers of fruits and vegetables, processing enterprises and foreign companies- world famous importers of marketing structures;
Analyzing trends and prospects of the world market of fruits and vegetables;
Informing of domestic producers and processors with a view to targeting them for production in steady demand on foreign markets;
Formation of orders for the next year and the medium term.
The Fair includes the following sections:
Introduce of foreign partners with the producers of fruits and vegetables of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Establish a long-term, perspective and mutually beneficial relations between the producers of fruits and vegetables processing enterprises and foreign companies-importers;
Signing contracts for the supply of fruit and vegetables;
Presentation of investment opportunities of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the agricultural and food industries.
During the fair will be organized "round tables" and bilateral negotiations between the exporters and consumers of Uzbek fruits and vegetables, organizing attendance of the intensive orchards, enterprises for processing of fruits and vegetables, refrigeration systems and others for the participants of the fair.
Also, fair participants can visit the objects of the material and cultural heritage of different epochs and civilizations, including those on the list of UNESCO World Heritage historic centers like Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz.