Tashkent time (GMT+5):
Information on the weighted average level of prices for fruits and vegetables as of 04.10.2016
  • 1 USD = 8146.38 sum
  • 1 EUR = 9965.47 sum
  • 1 RUB = 143.97 sum
  • 1 CNY = 1268.91 sum
  • 1 JPY = 73.65 sum
  • 1 GBP = 11199.64 sum
  • 1 KRW = 7.68 sum

1st International Fruits and Vegetables Trade Fair

21.06.2016 We are honored to invite you to participate at the «International fruit

and vegetable fair», which will be held in Tashkent on July 12-16, 2016.

The main purpose of the fair is a wide introduction of vegetables, fruits,

grapes and melons with unique qualities, as well as processed products produced in Uzbekistan to foreign partners.

The fair includes the following sections:

· Introduction of fruits and vegetables producers of Uzbekistan to

international partners;

· Establishing long-term, mutually beneficial and partnership relations

between the fruits and vegetables producers, processing enterprises and

foreign companies-importers;

· Signing contracts for fruits and vegetables supply;

· Presentation of investment opportunities in the agricultural and food

industries of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The roundtables and bilateral negotiations between the Uzbek fruits and

vegetables exporters and consumers will be organized during the fair.

For more information and registration, please contact us by e-mail: marketing@uzagroexport.uz, тел: (+99871) 246 44 15.

We hope that your participation in this fair will be fruitful and productive.

Yours faithfully,

Organizing Committee

of the International fruit and vegetable fair